Sally Cabot Gunning


Sally Cabot Gunning, author of the critically acclaimed “Satucket Novels” WIDOW’S WAR, BOUND, and others, returns with MONTICELLO, another masterful work of historical fiction. A lifelong resident of New England, Sally immersed herself in history from a young age. 

Sally sets her books in familiar places that bear the imprint of history. Her newest book, MONTECELLO, is a timely examination of the fledgling era of our nation.  Her story brings Martha Jefferson, one of the most highly educated women of the day, and her father, third US President Thomas Jefferson, vividly to life. “Well researched and beautifully written, this captivating novel tells the remarkable story of Thomas Jefferson’s daughter caught up in two families’ secrets. Highly recommended.” – from Paulette Jones.

“…Highly recommended as an engrossing tale of a strong woman in tumultuous times, with deftly interwoven historical details that make her trials all the more authentic.” – from Library Journal.

Book Binge says, “An irresistible blend of emotional drama, historical detail, and vivd atmosphere, Monticello skillfully brings to life Martha Jefferson Randolph, a strong and compelling woman who influenced – as much as she was influenced by – one of the most intriguing figures in American history.

Sally and her husband Tom live in Brewster Massachusetts where her family history dates back three centuries. In addition to writing, Sally continues to involve herself in researching and presenting the town’s history to the public, helping restore an 18th Century sea captain’s home, and writing historical tours. She hasn’t decided what her next novel will be, but says she is “having lots of fun digging out more buried stories.”

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