About RAMA

The Purpose of the Roanoke Academy of Medicine Alliance…

RAMA_RedBlackThe purpose of RAMA, comprised of approximately 125 local physician spouses, is educational and charitable, and intended to improve the quality of life by health education and service through volunteer activities.  

By working together we hope to:

Improve volunteerism within the Alliance through working with other non-profit organizations

                                  Support the Roanoke Academy of Medicine Alliance Foundation Scholarship Program.

For 50 years, we have been dedicated to supporting medical families, building healthy communities, and promoting medical health initiatives. 

RAMA’s volunteer opportunities include:

  • Building new relationships with people in the medical community and discovering  a network of support for the physician family.
  • Participating in the RAMA Foundation’s annual fundraiser, the Book & Author Dinner.  Proceeds provide funding for RAMA Foundation’s Scholarship Fund.  In the first seventeen years of this event we have raised over $630,000.00 for local health related charities and scholarships..
  • Awarding scholarships to qualifying students in health professions. We have provided scholarship money to more than 160 local students training in medical fields. 
  • Learning more about volunteer opportunities and the local non-profits that serve the Roanoke Valley